How to create a post-purchase upsell offer?

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Post-purchase upsell offers a great chance to sell more products as the customers checkout. The best part is customers need not enter their payment details again to accept post-purchase upsell offers. 


Before creating post-purchase upsell offers, ensure that your store matches the following conditions:

  • Your store must be using Shopify Payment gateway, since this widget is integrated with Shopify Checkout it works only with Credit Card (on Shopify Payment Gateway), Shop Pay and PayPal Express. For PayPal Express "Automatic Payments" should be approved for your account.
  • The checkout currency should be the same as the store's default currency

1. Click 'Add offer' to create a post-purchase upsell offer. 

2. Choose 'Post-purchase page' section and click 'Add offer'

3. The 'Post-purchase upsell' offer allows you to choose ‘Trigger’ products and ‘Offer’ products.

  • Trigger product is the primary product the customer intends to buy.
  • Offer products are the upsells you wish to promote along with the trigger product.

Here's how to choose a trigger product:

  • Specific product - View and select the products
  • Tags - Select existing product Tags (eg. Women's clothing, Men's clothing, etc)
  • All products - Select all your products at once

4. Choosing the offer products

  • Manual - View and select the offer products based on your targets
  • Automatic - This allows Shopify to recommend products automatically from the store

You can also select offer products based on multiple variants. For example, for a T-shirt, the variants can be Small, Medium, and Large

Note: Before setting up an offer; make sure the offer products are in stock, the offer must have an image, and be in active status on the online store

5. You can also enable the ‘Post-purchase discount’ (optional) to offer discounts to your customers for choosing the offered products.

Make sure to give an ‘Offer name’ (mandatory field) which is only for your internal reference and will not appear on your store. You can also customize the widget title here.

6. Once you’ve completed the setup, click ‘Save offer’. Customers can now view the 'Post-purchase upsell' offer once they enter the payment details. 

7. To test the post-purchase upsell, you need to switch your payment gateway to test mode to place a test order. Notably, a test order with a 100% discount doesn't work, hence you can add your payment details to view how the post-purchase upsell might look. 

8. Verify if the 'Post-purchase upsell' offer appears correctly before the Thank you page. If you do not see the offer or if the styling has some issues please reach our 24/7 support team and we'll help you out. 

9. Adding an upsell will automatically use the vaulted credit card without having to re-enter all the card details.

10. Visit the settings page and click 'Edit widget' to explore the settings to customize the 'Post-purchase upsell offer'

11. In the Settings page, you cannot customize the default texts displayed on the offer since Shopify doesn't allow customers cannot change widget contents. To customize the text, reach out to our team to get it done. 

12. Selleasy's post-purchase upsell is natively integrated with Shopify checkout and the styling customization or preview is not available. However, you can view the offer in a test mode. 

Note: If the post-purchase upsell offer is neither accepted nor declined by the customer, the fulfillment status of the order will be displayed as 'On hold' for 60 minutes. After that, the fulfillment status will automatically change to the default status, i.e., Unfulfilled.

However, if the post-purchase upsell offer is either accepted or declined, the 'fulfilment status' will be displayed as 'Unfulfilled'. 

This user guide will help you set up a 'Post-purchase upsell' offer on your Shopify store with the Sellasy app. For more support, click the Chat icon on the bottom right of the page to get 24/7 assistance.

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