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With the Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy app, you can setup different flavors of upsell in your Shopify online store. We realized that every Shopify store is different and what works best for one store might not be so for another store. Selleasy encourages you to try our different upsell widgets and zero in on what works best for your store.

Below are the upsell offer types (widgets) we currently have.

#1 Frequently bought together on Product page

Display an amazon style frequently bought together widget on the product page. Optionally add a bundle discount to entice your customers.

#2 Product add-ons on the Product page

If you want to display a list of optional related products along with a main product, you can use the product add-ons widget. The difference between frequently bought together (FBT) widget and the add-ons widget is that in FBT, you offer a pre-selected bundle. But in add-ons widget, the customer has to select the products they need.

The product add-ons widget can be styled in different ways. You can style like a list, grid, or slider (carousel). You can display an "Add" checkbox or a button. Also the add-ons can be made to be purchased only along with the main product, or they can be stand alone as well.

#3 Upsell funnel on Cart page

Pop-up an upsell funnel before checkout. Based on the customer accepting or declining the offer, we can display another upsell or downsell. You can also add a discount with a countdown timer.

#4 Cart add-ons on the cart page / when checkout button is clicked

Display a list related addons just before proceeding to checkout. Unlike the upsell funnel, this widget can display multiple related products at a time.

Learn how to create cart add-ons (coming soon).

#5 Post-purchase upsell integrated with Shopify Checkout

Display a list of add-ons that can be added to a confirmed order. Post-purchase upsell requires the payment mode to be Shopify payment gateway Credit Card, Shop Pay, or PayPal Express.

#6 Thank you page add-ons

Display a list of related products based on the items in a confirmed order. Adding the upsells from the thank you page will checkout as a new order. If you have apps on the cart page, then the thank you page upsell might not be compatible as we skip the cart. Since the thank you page is also the order status page, the visibility of the upsell is high as the customer visits this page multiple times.

Learn how to create a thank you page upsell (coming soon).

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