Getting started with the Selleasy app

Ridhu Pharan

Last Update a month ago

The initial set-up of Selleasy is a simple process and takes few minutes to get it done. Here's how to get started with the Selleasy app.

Enabling the Selleasy app to integrate with your Shopify store

1.Once you’ve installed the app, click on this 'Enable' button to activate the Selleasy app on your theme editor. 

2. On clicking 'Enable', a pop-up will be displayed. Click 'Go to theme editor' which will redirect you to the theme editor page. 

3. Click the toggle button on the theme editor page to enable the Selleasy app and click on 'Save'.

4. Now go back to the Selleasy dashboard where can close the pop-up and see the app enabled in your Shopify store. 

5. You can now start creating different upsell offers by clicking 'Add offer'

For more information and support, reach out to our team to get 24/7 service to help you out.

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