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Last Update 2 個月前

Why is the offer widget is not appearing in my online store?

For the offer widget to visible in the product page, the following are required:

If you still face issues, you can contact our support and we will help you with the setup.

Can I place the widget in the cart page? Or setup as a popup?

This is app is newly launched and we have currently launched with the Amazon-style frequently bought together widget in the product page. This is one of the high converting, unobtrusive placements for upselling. That said, more placements like cart page and popups are in the pipeline!

Can I offer an upsell / cross sell with discount?

Yes you can create bundle discounts or item-wise discounts when creating the offer. That said, we think true upsells (without discount) are also great. They aid in product discoverability and when rightly used the average order value increase is much more than a discounted upsell.

Will this app integrate with another app I have?

We would like to explore this too. Please reach out to our support and let us know your requirement. We'll be glad to help.

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