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How to track performance and metrics?


Last Update 2 年前

The Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy app keeps track of metrics with which you can measure how much of sales was a result of upselling and cross selling. You can also track which offers are doing good, and tweak offers until you get the best conversion.

Here are the metrics we track:

  • Views - Number of times an offer is viewed
  • Clicks - Number of times an offer was clicked, say added to cart.
  • Conversions - Number of times a clicked offer, also converted into an order.
  • Conversion value - Additional sales that happened due to upsell & cross sell.

You can view these metrics over a time period like today, last 30 days, etc. 

All these 4 metrics can also be tracked at the following levels:

  • Account level - You can see this in the home page of the app's admin portal.
  • Offer level - You can view this from the Offers page and compare how different offers are performing. Also, in offer details page, you can view metrics for different time periods.

Before checking the metrics, ensure that you app is enabled, and you have tested one or more offers in your online store.


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