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How to test the offers in your online store?


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Before testing out the upsell / cross sell offer in your online store, make sure the following are setup correctly:

  • The app is enabled in the Settings page.
  • Widget position is setup as explained here.
  • Offer is setup for one or more products, the offer products are in stock, and have an image setup.

Testing the frequently bought together upsell in product page 

  1. Visit the product page for the trigger product.
  2. Verify if the widget appears below the product section.
  3. Click on the Add to cart button in the frequently bought together widget.
  4. The selected items in the bundle should be added to cart.
  5. Complete the order and verify if the metrics in the app reflect the conversion.

Not seeing the offer? Or need styling improvement?

In case you did not see the offer, it's likely due to position settings. Please reach out to our support team for any assistance. We'll also be happy to help and style the widget as per your preferences.


Testing the post-purchase upsell

  1. Ensure you use Shopify's payment gateway.
  2. Visit the product page for the trigger product.
  3. Only add the trigger product to cart and checkout.
  4. Complete the order using a credit card payment.
  5. After the payment the post-purchase page should be displayed with the offer we created.
  6. Purchase an upsell item, and verify if it got added to the original order.
  7. Check if the conversion is reflecting in the app metrics.

Not seeing the offer?

  • Ensure you use Shopify payments. The list of supported countries is here.
  • Ensure the purchase is made with a credit card.
  • Ensure the post-purchase widget is enabled in both app and Shopify's Checkout settings.
  • Ensure a valid offer is setup for the trigger product.


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