Post-purchase upsell setup

How to setup post-purchase upsell?


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Our post-purchase upsell natively integrates with Shopify Checkout. This means that, the upsells get automatically billed and added to the original order in a single click. Since the app works with Shopify Checkout, the following are the required conditions for the post-purchase upsell to show up:

  • You use Shopify's payment gateway. This is supported in the countries listed here.
  • The online store customer uses a credit card to make the purchase.

Enabling the widget

  1. In Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout, and scroll down to the Post-purchase page section. Here you should choose our app name "Upsell & Cross-sell Kit".
  2. In the app's Settings page, click on Edit widget under post-purchase upsell. Ensure the widget is enabled.


  • Maximum items displayed for upsell/cross sell - maximum number of items that can be displayed on the post-purchase upsell page.
  • Enable automatic recommendations - Check this if you want to use Shopify's product  recommendations in the absence of manually setup offers.

Text & Translations

In case you want to customize the default text that appears, or if your website is in a different language, you can use this section.


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