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How to improve conversion rate for your upsell & cross sell offers?


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To get good conversion from your upsell and cross sell offers, you can follow some of the techniques below.

  • The idea of frequently bought together upsell is to aid in discoverability of a product that the customer might have otherwise missed. Accessories are usually a great fit for offer products. Eg: A mobile phone and its matching case.
  • The offered item should be simple and convincing. The customer should not require to do an elaborate research on the offer product specs.
  • Do not setup a frequently bought together product that's an alternative to the main product, it should be complementary.
  • Ensure the offer products are available in inventory, and the product's image is setup.
  • While we have the automatic recommendations feature, we still believe offers your manually setup based on your experience convert the best. Start by creating offers for products that sell the most, you can gradually add more.

Monitor the app's engagement metrics regularly and try adjusting offers that need an improvement.

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