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1. From the app's admin page, click on "Add offer" to create a new offer.

2. Select "Product add-ons" upsell type.

3. Select the trigger and offer products. Trigger product is the main product for on whose page we will display the add-on products.

4. It's optional to set a discount for the add-ons. Give a name for the offer for your internal reference. You can override the default widget title if required. The overridden title will be displayed in the widget.

5. Check the trigger product's page and see if the add-ons are appearing. If they do not appear of the styling is not great don't worry. Reach out to our support ([email protected]) and we'll help out. It might need some theme specific adjustment.

6. The product add-ons widget's style can be customized in a few ways. You can also change the translations. Go to Settings > Product add-ons > Edit widget.

7. Below are the few things you can change as per your requirement.

Action after clicking add button:

Add-ons are added to cart when the trigger product is added - This setting is useful when you place the widget above the trigger product's add to cart button. Only when the trigger product is added the add-ons are also added.

Add-ons are added to cart immediately - This is used when the add-ons are placed separately from the trigger product and can be independently added or removed to cart.

Layout style:

Grid - This setting is used if you want to arrange the add-ons like a table. Looks good for 3 to 6 add-ons.

List - This setting is used if you want to arrange the add-ons one below another. Looks good for 1 or 2 add-ons.

Carousel / Slider - This setting is useful if you have a large number of add-ons and want to keep the widget compact.

Add action style:

Checkbox - This is intuitive when the add-ons are to be added to the cart along with the trigger product.

Checkbox on left side - This is intuitive when the list layout is used.

Button - The button style is intuitive if you want to add the add-ons to cart immediately. You can also use this if the checkbox doesn't go well with your theme style.


The add-ons can be placed along with the trigger product or anywhere you want. If you need to customize the placement we can help you with that. Please reach out to out support ([email protected]).

8. Style customization can be done to suit your theme. This can be done from the Custom CSS section in Settings page. Since this is technical, please reach out to our support ([email protected]) and we'll get this done for your store.

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