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How to setup related products and create offers?


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An offer comprises of one or more triggering products, and one or more offer products. For example, say we want to upsell a mobile phone case along with a mobile phone, then the mobile phone will be the trigger and the case will be the offer product.

To create a new offer, follow the below steps.

  1.  Go to the Offers page in the app's admin portal.
  2.  Click on thew Add offer button, you will be taken to a new page.
  3.  You can provide a name for the offer for easier recall.
  4.  The tigger products can be selected either by selecting products individually or by using tags. When selecting individually, you will also be able to filter by variants.
  5. Under the Frequently bought together section, click on Select products to choose the offer products.
  6. You can choose any number of products and also arrange them based on priority. What products are finally showed in the offer will depend upon:
    • Maximum items limit setup in the widget
    • Inventory availability
    • The selected items should have an image
  7. You can also optionally create a discounted upsell, we'll see that in the section below.
  8. Once the offer is created, click Save.

You can later update the offer by selecting it from the Offers page. You can also temporarily disable an offer or delete it.

Selecting the best offer

When there are multiple offers applicable for the same product, here's how we decide to pick the offer.

  • Product based offers take more priority than tag based offers.
  • If multiple offers specify the same product as trigger, we pick the recently created offer.

Discounted Upsells

For pre-purchase upsell on the product page, we can setup a bundle discount by enabling the pre-purchase discount setting. A discount percentage for the bundle can be setup and it will be automatically applied when the bundle is added to cart.

For post-purchase upsell, since the trigger product is already purchased, a bundle discount cannot be applied. Hence, in this case we can setup item-wise discounts which are applied in a BXGY fashion.


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