Creating a post-purchase upsell offer


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Before creating post-purchase upsell offers, ensure that you use Shopify Payment gateway. Since this widget is integrated with Shopify Checkout it works only with Credit Card (on Shopify Payment Gateway), Shop Pay and PayPal Express. For PayPal Express "Automatic Payments" should be approved for your account.  

1. Ensure Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy is enabled in your Shopify Settings > Checkout. This is a one time setting and will automatically reset if you remove our app.

2. In the app's Offer page, click "Add offer".

3. Select "Post-purchase upsell" and click "Setup offer".

4. Select the trigger product and the offer products. The presence of trigger product in an order will cause the post-purchase page to display the upsells.

5. You can enable and setup item-wise discounts for the upsells.

6. Save the offer and click on the eye icon to view the trigger product in the online store. Go ahead and checkout the trigger product.

7. To test the post-purchase upsell, you need to switch your payment gateway to test mode to place a test order.

8. Verify if the post-purchase page appears after the credit card payment. In case you do not see this page, please reach out to our support team.

9. Adding an upsell will automatically use the vaulted credit card without having to re-enter all the card details.

10. To customize the text appearing in the post-purchase page, click "Edit widget" under Post purchase upsell settings in the app.

11. Make required changes and click "Save".

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