Creating a frequently bought together offer


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1. Click of "Add offer" from the app's offers page.

2. Choose "Frequently bought together" as the upsell type.

3. An offer comprises of "trigger" products and "offer" products. A trigger product is the primary product the customer intends to buy. Offer products are upsells we want to promote along with the trigger product. The frequently bought together bundle will be displayed on the trigger product's page.

4. Optionally you can create a bundle discount. The "cheapest item free" type discount can also be used when you try to promote 2 upsells along with the trigger.

Please note, due to Shopify limitations, if a customer already buys a bundle with a discount, then other bundles will not hide their discount. This is because with Shopify we can only use one coupon code at a time.

5. Save the new offer, and click on the eye icon of the trigger product. This will launch the product page in online store.

6. Verify if the frequently bought together widget appears correctly. If you do not see the widget of if the styling has some issues please contact our support and we'll help out.

7. The position and text of the widget can be customized from the Settings page.

8. Custom positioning will require some tech skills, please reach out to us for any help.

9. Back in the Settings page - font and button sizes, colors also can be customized. Reach out to us for free assistance.

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