Creating a cart page upsell funnel offer


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1. Click "Add offer" from the app's Offers page.

2. Choose "Upsell funnel" as the type and click "Setup offer".

3.Select the trigger product and the offer product. The presence of trigger product will cause the upsell pop up to display when checkout button is clicked.

4. In the upsell funnel, based on whether the customer accepts / declined the first upsell, we can show another upsell / downsell. Click "Add next offer" to setup Offer #2A (upsell 2), #2B (downsell 2).  It's not mandatory to setup these. For example, you can choose to only show a downsell if the customer declines the first offer.


6. A discount can be setup if required. Do note, this discount will apply across all upsells added. Currently we support only percentage discounts for upsell funnel.

The offer priority field can be used if you have multiple offers for the same product.

7. Save the offer, and click on the eye icon of the trigger product to view the product in online store. Add the product to cart and head to the cart page.

8. In the cart page click checkout while the trigger product is in the cart. A pop-up will display showing the upsells we have setup. In case you do not see the pop-up, please reach out to us. Your theme might night some additional setup and we'll assist with that.

9. To customize the default text in the widget, head to the app's Settings page and click "Edit widget" under Upsell funnel.

10. Change the text as you require and click "Save".

11. If you require help to customize button colors, spacing, etc., please reach out to us. 

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